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by Mike Williams on October 27, 2020

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Busy schedules and enticing e-commerce marketing is a major reason why a common buyer of today is much different than a conventional buyer. The evolvement in technology and a considerable push by COVID-19, has made people shift their buying habits to entirely new platforms; from spending hours roaming in shopping malls to surfing online through e-commerce stores and using the search bar to get what they want in a single click, we all have become digital buyers.

Is E-Commerce Still Profitable?

2002 has begun with some devastating outcomes for market operations globally. The fear of coronavirus has limited basic life operations as well as the way people used to shop. It was due to lockdown and limited shopping activities that during the year 2020, e-commerce has seen a rise of 129% in e-commerce operations throughout the USA and Canada. This upsurge is led by people's preference for online shopping.

Is E-Commerce Marketing Still Useful?

The breakout of the pandemic has urged many businesses to shift online which were operating physically only in the first place. Consequently, the USA e-commerce sales are predicted to attain a value of $800 billion by the end of the year or a 12% rise compared to e-commerce in 2019.

With such significance, businesses now find it important to present themselves online in the most attractive yet user-friendly manner and that is why brands are spending hundreds of dollars on producing effective e-commerce marketing campaigns. But what exactly is e-commerce marketing?

What is Ecommerce Marketing?

what is ecommerce marketing

In simple terms; marketing is defined as the subtle utilization of promotional techniques to present a brand’s service or product in such a way that customers are lured towards its purchase. Ecommerce marketing is a similar phenomenon with the difference that all the marketing is done to increase the traffic to an online store. This is done by increasing awareness about an online product or a store and using proper promotional techniques; slogans, discount offers, deals, and website layout to make a user enjoy the shopping experience. Ecommerce marketing is the method of making sales by creating and raising awareness of the product offers and brand of an online e-commerce store. In the digital world, the same conventional marketing techniques can be extended to e-commerce marketing, as it helps retailers to reap the benefits of those that are in the mood to purchase.

Evolution of E-commerce

It is wise to understand that overall marketing techniques, let alone e-commerce marketing has not been the same since its beginning. The world has experienced some serious changes and adapted digitally to create solutions that were far beyond the human brain a few decades ago. The world got its web of connectivity in the form of internet in 1991 and since then, internet has been fulfilling its purpose by opening new era digital globalization. E-commerce development and e-commerce marketing is one such extension of internet and its operations which has now transformed the whole face of shopping. Can you believe that the father of the e-commerce store, Amazon sold its very first book 20 years ago? As one of today's most well-known businesses worldwide, it's amazing that just two decades ago they got their start. But their development is representative of the overall industry.

How much has the E-commerce Market Grown?

Over the course of 20 years, e-commerce has grown from a modern concept to an industry that is now a big part of the economy of the world. In reality, Americans spent over 341 billion dollars online in 2015. This shows how digital marketing services have made e-commerce evolve and grow specific to the customers need adapting itself to all the requirement put forward or not. The digital experts and marketing gurus have been using various smart techniques to understand common buyer behavior and make sure to provide what they need with efficient product cycle and marketing techniques. The conventional market used to very different from today because in previous times business was based around the brand's goals, objectives, and needs whereas all the businesses now apply a user-centric approach and the customer is the king!

In the United States, E-commerce has not only grown in revenue but also comprises of a considerably huge market share with a figure of 800,000 stores online. The graph below shows the rising trend in the growth of e-commerce marketing and stores in the United States alone. importance of ecommerce With such competition and crowd, you need a killer e-commerce marketing strategy to stand out and make your presence count.

What is the Future of E-commerce Marketing?

Considering the sudden upsurge in e-commerce operations in the year 2020, and people’s inclination towards e-commerce store more than over instills considerable thoughts in digital marketers. Business owners and strategic planners are now concerned about the future of their business in an era which is dominated by e-commerce marketing. The future of e-commerce marketing brings a lot of opportunities and challenges for businesses who are not prepared to embrace this change openly.> Before jumping into future, it is imperative to understand that e-commerce has been experiencing a growth of 20% per annum since the year 2014 and thanks to 2020, the world can see it more clearly now. It is also an ever-changing sector. Trends are continually changing in an effort to shape the way that goods are purchased by people in every corner of the world.

This makes the future of e-commerce, to say the least, exciting. Over the coming years, many major things are expected to change in e-commerce. We're here to help you grasp the future of e-commerce and dive in right before it’s too late!

Why you should Consider Investing in E-commerce Marketing?

Investing in e-commerce and considering its popularity a phase, is not a good idea since prevalent consumer polling indicates that e-commerce is here to stay. Buyers are more into online shopping experience ever than before and they do not miss the old shopping habits as proven be researches. Almost 55% of online shoppers find e-commerce an important part of their life and plan to keep it for as long as they can.

Moreover, the increase in online acquisition channels is a proof that the future of e-commerce marketing is somewhat promising and a business needs to shift around their conventional practices if they want to adapt to this the latest shift.

What are Emerging E-commerce Marketing Tips?

ecommerce marketing tips

An e-commerce marketing store has to keep with a lot of pressure and a constant threat of substitutes. Since the online market is a busy place and the ever-growing popularity presents both opportunities and the increased chances of being replaced. Ecommerce marketing is the method of making sales by creating and raising awareness of the product offers and brand of an online store. As we all have witnessed that e-commerce features a lot of visual styles and attractive websites. People have to try their best to showcase their product which not only captures the attention but successfully educates and informs the user about the distinctive qualities of the product and why it is useful in the first place. It is one form of top-of-funnel traffic-driving practice to be turned into sales and relevant customers. To make this possible, there are different techniques and tactics used by each business to overcome their competition. A successful e-commerce marketing store utilizes major e-commerce marketing techniques in its business to ensure that the products it intends to sell reach its target audience in the most versatile manner. However, some of the latest trends used by e-commerce marketing platforms and e-commerce marketing channels are listed below:

Market Affiliation

Forming strong affiliation with renowned names in the market is one of the best ways to create a high level of trust and reliability. The e-commerce website will use banners and ads from well-known websites to bring customers to the relevant page.

Search Engine Optimization

Another important technique is to perform search engine optimization on your e-commerce store. Without SEO services your multi-store e-commerce platform is just worthlessly lying on the internet. People often use e-commerce marketing services to get their business notified by their target audience. Search engine optimization (SEO) is still an important aspect of marketing and you want to ensure that the specific keywords your customer is looking for are completely tailored for both your website and all of your individual product pages. Dialect variations are an important thing to look out for. You need to carefully integrate those variants of a keyword when you can make your effect global.

Email Marketing

Besides that, another way of achieving marketing automation in an e-commerce store and gain more prospects is email marketing. Email marketing has proven to be one of the most successful ways of reaching a new audience globally. It allows you to specifically target your desired audience and bring them to your page.

Social Media Marketing

Based on your business type and your target audience you can select the right social media platform to market your business most attractively. According to research, 90% of millennials are active social media users and a considerable percentage of around 80% of people from Generation X consider social media as an important part of their lives. With the help of social media, you can easily present your product to the right audience. And the cherry on the top? Social media marketing is not that expensive!

How to Sell more and Better?

Ecommerce marketing has continued to evolve and will be changing in the next few decades as well. While it is difficult to catch up with all the rising and declining trends, you can easily take the help of industry professionals to get the e-commerce development services!

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