• This privacy policy statements entails how Itsbigbuy collects and utilizes the data gathered when you visit, surf and purchase from our website. This page also discloses the relevant privacy measures, how we update our privacy policy and how can you contact us.


This Privacy Policy refers to your contact online with ItsBigBuy during your shopping experience. This includes the privacy procedure, except as outlined below, of ItsBigBuy’s Businesses, Inc. and its U.S. operating subsidiaries and affiliates. This refers to personal data about our existing or future clients, guests and job applicants. We may provide additional information on privacy practices specific to a specific activity or location in certain instances.

Some of our websites, for example, will have additional privacy information that is unique to that website, or some stores will post additional privacy information that is relevant to that store or case.

This privacy policy is not applicable to:

  • Specific US subsidiaries, affiliates and product lines that are entitled to their own specific privacy statement and differing privacy policies.
  • Products that are linked to credit cards, which are covered under the issuing bank’s privacy policy measures or that appear on the credit card applications.
  • Your interaction and connection with the third parties that are somehow linked or accessible to ItsBigBuy’s

What Type of Information We Collect

ItsBigBuy needs the personal details of the customer to make the flow of the process smoother and errorless. We ask for your

  • Name
  • Age
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address

After the user completes the registration process and produces a login and password, by logging in to the Personal Account Board, he / she will be given the chance to change the password, review his / her profile or add other personal information. Additional information can only be collected through Company-led surveys after customer approval.

  • When you visit our websites or use our apps, we can also collect online identifiers, such as your IP address. For some types of transactions, we can collect government-issued IDs-but please only provide government-issued ID information if we ask you to.
  • We also collect commercial information, such as product or services you have purchased or even considered purchasing. We do this to bring better and personalized products for you.
  • We also collect you payment information such as your debit/credit card number, security code and expiration date. All for security purposes.
  • Additionally we collect product reviews, forum posts, survey responses, participation in promotion and any other sort of user generated content.

However, if you get any call or contact from unofficial number claiming it to be us, we strongly recommend you to DO NOT provide any personal details.

By reviewing this privacy policy and placing on order with us you comply with all the conditions provided in privacy policy, claiming any rights otherwise won’t be entertained.

Processing Personal Data

Under the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), we protect and process all the information supplied by our customers. Only when we are provided with your full permission we proceed to handle and/or process any sensitive details about you electronically. The information collected is in the form of emails, phone and instant messages, and during the phase flow, the sole objective of requiring this data is to contact you in case of any confusion during the process.

Until your permission no longer exists, we have the right to access and process your information under the same policy.

We do not share your information with any third party for any reason, with the exception of restricted editing and proofreading instances, through services contracted by ItsBigBuy. The third party must have signed a legally binding NDA (non-disclosure agreement) if this happens.

Contact forms

We receive the information provided on the contact forms through email. The provided information will be kept on our website host servers, fully protected.

The information we collect includes:

  • Your name
  • Your email
  • Your contact numbers
  • Age
  • Your alias
  • Your feedback and comments on our products
  • Additional documents (If any) you would like to provide to be used in your assignment

How long we Keep your Data?

ItsBigBuy will delete your personal data from the databases no later than 5 years from the last time you used the website.

We only keep your data for this login to ensure that you do not have to fill order form every single time you purchase from us. However, during this period of inactivity from your side we strictly keep your information confidential.

What Are your Rights?

You have the right to access all of the details we have about you. To secure the data and to ensure that it is not exposed to unauthorized parties, requests must be submitted in writing and proof of identity is required.

If you feel that any personal information we have about you is inaccurate or incomplete, you have the right to request that this information be viewed, rectified, or removed.

In the event that you wish to complain about how we have handled your personal data, please contact in writing to ItsBigBuy. We will then look-into your complaint and work with you till the matter is resolved.

Please contact ItsBigBuy in writing if you wish to complain about how we have dealt with your personal details. Then we're going to look at your issue and work with you before the matter is resolved.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

We can, from time to time, update the Privacy Policy on our website. However, each time you place an order, it is advisable to go through the modified version.

We will provide additional warning, such as by email or via the website, if we make adjustments that significantly alter your privacy rights. You can continue to deactivate your account in case of disagreement with the privacy policy.


ItsBigBuy uses cookies to keep an eye on the current web browsing of the client, which will be discarded as soon as the web browser is logged out or closed. This data also makes it possible to statistically track how many people are using the website and for what reason.

The business can also use "persistent" or "memory-based" cookies that stay on the computers of the customer until they are removed.

To improve the overall customer experience and the quality of services rendered, the business has the right to extract and store IP addresses.

Upon your decision, you can handle or delete any cookies.

In all of the situations mentioned above, the organization is not responsible for ensuring that the website works correctly and that the user experience is right.

How can you Reach Us?

You can contact our customer support to explain confusions about any laws and can talk directly to the customer representative. You can call us directly or even give us an email with your order. As soon as possible, we promise to contact you and clear your confusions fully.

Please feel free to answer your concerns or inquiries directly to itsbigbuy@gmail.com about the Website's Privacy Policy.


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